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Save time in the back room with advanced check scanners

Businesses in a wide variety of industries that receive large volumes of check payments on a daily basis can save valuable time and money in the workplace by investing in dual purpose cash and check scanners.

Time is a valuable resource in any professional work environment. In fact, a recent survey from AtTask, a Web-based task management software company, found nearly 60 percent of professionals interviewed said they are either completely overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to complete each day or feel as though they are barely meeting project deadlines.

What stresses employees out the most?
The report discovered several factors affecting employees' overall sense of control of the workloads. For example, 26 percent said excessive interruptions often lead to delayed projects. Similarly, 22 percent attributed these problems the fact there simply isn't enough time during the day. A large number of respondents also reported they quickly lose interest in their jobs when they spend excessive amounts of time performing tasks they feel are secondary to the overall mission and goals of the company.

Employees of small and medium-sized businesses that accept check payments are often responsible for spending long hours processing payments and driving to the bank. Even though these tasks are often essential to overall company operations, the sheer amount of labor and dedication required can take a toll on individual workers.

How can businesses improve employee satisfaction?
In many cases, these common sources of stress in the workplace are easily avoidable. Organizations can leverage technology to make operations run much more smoothly. Time Magazine also said it's often helpful for businesses to find ways to multitask and complete multiple daily responsibilities at once. However, the publication cited data from Psychology Today that found only 2 percent of the entire human population can effectively perform two tasks at the same time.

Rather than overworking employees who are responsible for handling payments or making trips to the bank, business owners can invest in dual purpose cash and check scanners. These tools make it easier for staff to devote more time during the day to other important duties. Processes that once took several hours can suddenly take a handful of minutes with the help of advanced technology. As a result, employees will likely experience greater success multitasking and completing work in a more timely fashion. In the meantime, they may also end up feeling more satisfied with their jobs. 

November 25, 2013