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Safe and secure self-service coin counters create economic opportunity for grocery stores

Many grocery stores look for extra streams of revenue and self-service coin counters can help bring in more consumers. They are easy to install with the help of certified support and can prove useful for grocery stores looking to increase their profit. Many consumers who use self-service coin counters will often purchase another item from the store for the sake of convenience. These purchases can lead to a steady stream of revenue for grocers regardless of the season. Thus, self-service coin counters are safe, strong, versatile and effective for use in grocery stores. Coin counters are also safe for consumers to use and hard for criminals to break into or steal.

Is theft common at self-service coin counters?

It is more common for ATM theft to occur than self-service coin counter theft, according to Fox News Cleveland. On the rare occasion that self-service coin counter theft occurs, it is often small amounts under $200 or in isolated incidents. According to Fox News Cleveland, a robber was convicted of machine fraud by using false self-service coin counter receipts to withdraw $152.95 in April 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio. The suspect was apprehended for small theft charges. In another isolated incident, an intoxicated suspect was convicted of stealing an entire coin counting machine and $70 in cash from a store in Winona, Minnesota, according to the Winona Daily News. The suspect was quickly apprehended and the machine and its cash has been returned in full.

With generally low theft rates, coin counters are considered a low-risk purchase for grocers around the country. As credit card theft increases, consumers can feel assured knowing that the cash earned from using a self-service coin counter will be safe within their hands and wallets. Coin counters are effective for youngsters learning how to save and older individuals looking for alternative saving methods. 

The benefits of coin counters

Self-service coin counters are considered trustworthy and safe thanks to inner bagging mechanisms and payment detection methods. They are also reliable and give the accurate amount of change deposited at any time. These machines are useful for families and individuals who want to convert cumbersome coins into more easily usable cash. They also benefit grocery stores as a safe and reliable opportunity to get more customers in the door.

May 5, 2016