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Retailers can prioritize security with dual-purpose cash and check scanners

Retailers can prioritize security with dual-purpose cash and check scanners

Security in the retail industry is one of the highest priorities, and dual-purpose cash and check scanners play a central role in ensuring business owners protect themselves. From payment processing technologies to back office equipment that helps prevent fraud and identity theft, retailers have many options and incentives to invest in more efficient tools.

President Barack Obama recently sign the BuySecure Initiative into law, Progressive Grocer indicated. The executive order focuses primarily on ensuring that merchants are prepared to accept pin-and-chip credit and debit cards. The National Retail Federation and National Grocers Association both demonstrated their support for the measure. Matthew Shay, NRF president, explained that it's critical for all organizations and businesses, including community banks, grocers and municipal governments, to express solidarity in supporting fraud prevention measures.

Dual-purpose cash and check scanners are a big part of the payment security push in the industry. While fraud and theft can occur externally, it can be an internal issue as well. With this technology, community grocers and other small-business owners can automate several time-consuming processes using one multipurpose scanner. For instance, the Cummins Allison JetScan iFX i100 is not only capable of rapid processing, but it's also highly accurate.

With check scanning, a business owner can count, sort and scan checks to create a digital image for deposit and fastidious record-keeping. The scanner can process 400 checks per minute, which is 222 percent faster than any other check scanner. It can help merchants identify bad checks more quickly than with labor-intensive manual counting and scanning. The JetScan iFX i100 also has the option to capture serial numbers of each bill processed, which can assist retailers in identify counterfeit currency and reduce fraud losses.

October 28, 2014