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Retailers can manage multiple payment options for better customer experiences

While paying with hard currency is still a popular choice for consumers, there are also other ways to buy goods. Online shopping, credit and debit card payments, mobile showrooming and are just some of the options people have when shopping at a retail location. With the increasingly digital age, it can be hard to manage online, card and cash payments all at once. But if business leaders focus on quality customer experiences in general, they will find that offering the right payments options becomes increasingly easy.

Focusing on the customer and ensuring he or she has a positive experience shopping in a store will keep them coming back again and again. But creating a solid experience means understanding what shoppers are looking for when they enter a store. One of the first things they are looking for is low prices and diverse payment options. While the first is harder to control, employees and managers can make sure their service and assistance is top-notch. This is especially important is showrooming is an issue. Instead of leaving customers to research lower prices on their mobile devices while in a store, employees and managers can make sure the store is designed well and a friendly and inviting atmosphere. This requires stores to have ATMs, a coin counting machine and cash options, and it's still important to process checks if need be. More people are confident about their spending habits, but they may still be collecting every penny they can find, utilizing a self-service coin counting machine and keeping cash on them to make purchases.

Creating a strong customer experience is possible by offering services that customers want. This means supporting the wide variety of spending habits, successfully juggling payment options and making sure they feel comfortable using any payment methods they want. While online shopping is growing, cash and card use is still widely used by many and a necessity for any shopping experience.

October 4, 2013