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Remote deposit capture growing thanks to check scanners

Check scanners are becoming a useful tool for small businesses.

Dual purpose cash and check scanners are important machines for a wide variety of businesses. The cash counter side of the machine can sort bills and make accurate reports on cash received during a shift or the work day, as well as detect any counterfeit bills. The check side, on the other hand, has the distinct advantage of completing an otherwise arduous task: depositing checks. Through the use of remote deposit capture technology, businesses no longer need to make bank runs for the sake of cashing checks from clients and customers. This cuts down on the time needed to complete necessary administrative tasks, reducing overhead.

Remote deposit capture functionality on check scanners a boon to small business

With remote deposit capture becoming commonplace, it's now an essential element for many businesses and customers. For regular people, their mobile devices are now RDC scanners, thanks to bank-specific apps that enable direct deposit just by using a smartphone camera. The commercial side utilizes more sophisticated devices such as dual-purpose cash and check scanners. They better enable mass depositing through a single machine, without having to go through each and every check.

Still, the potential for remote deposit capture is nascent at the moment. A recent survey by found more than half of the respondents believe that the technology's market penetration won't exceed 49 percent in 2015. Based on U.S. Census Bureau data, that means at most, 13.6 million small businesses will have an RDC implementation by the end of the year. In correlation with that, a separate report from consulting firm Celent found the number of companies that rarely visited a bank branch to conduct business more than doubled in three years to 31 percent in 2014, while those that visited a bank weekly declined from 42 to 25 percent.

The benefits for RDC are obvious to many businesses. With dual-purpose cash and check scanners, owners or managers can complete depositing operations without necessarily going to the bank. These machines work with a PC and Internet connection, and directly communicate with almost every bank and credit union in the United States that works at the commercial level. Newer machines address the niche among small-to-midsized businesses that may not have the need for commercial grade scanners but find using a mobile device to be more tedious than performing a bank run. This equipment enables a fast response and allows managers to focus on other administrative tasks. By reducing administrative overhead, businesses can focus on other tasks and save money in the long term, enabling a chance to grow.

October 28, 2015