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Reducing back office time allows retailers to adapt to industry trends

Dual purpose cash and check scanners create new opportunities for retailers to make better use of time spent in the back office. Technological trends, as well as rapidly evolving consumer behaviors, have made it necessary for businesses to enhance operational efficiency and flexibility. According to a recent study completed by the information technology firm Tata Consultancy Services, organizations in this industry are placing more of an importance than ever before on consumer-oriented innovation.

Specifically, many business executives who participated in the survey indicated they are concerned about the ability to keep up with the need to introduce new technology into the workplace. These individuals often find their efforts disrupted by a chronic lack of resources and efficiency-boosting tools. As a result, 64 percent of global retailers have plans to focus on overhead cost reduction in the coming years.

Small and medium-sized retailers have similar concerns as well. The Wall Street Journal said managers often struggle to maximize productivity when they introduce a variety of new software tools into their operations. These problems only become worse if employees must also devote long hours to depositing checks or counting cash received from purchases every day.

Incorporating a dual purpose cash and check scanner into the back office is a reliable alternative that eliminates many of the inefficiencies associated with running a retail business. For example, streamlining the deposit process will free up a significant amount of time in the daily schedule to focus on other important initiatives. The same machine can also be used to count cash. Because companies are trying to reduce the time they spend performing these financial tasks, any opportunity to save time comes as a major advantage. Maximizing efficiency will also lead to real overhead spending reductions that can be used toward efforts to improve consumer-end projects. Adaptability is crucial in today's economy. The right tools will make small and midsize retailers more flexible than ever before.

January 31, 2014