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Reduce wait times with efficient money and ticket counters

If there is one thing everyone has a distaste for, it's waiting in line. That's why fast, accurate money and ticket counters are essential for a casino to be competitive. 

The psychology of waiting 

Why does it feel like waiting, whether in a line at the Department of Motor Vehicles or at an amusement park, takes forever? Professor Richard Larson, an operations researcher at MIT, said this "unoccupied time" feels much longer than "occupied time," the New York Times reported. In fact, people who are waiting usually overestimate how long they've waited by 36 percent.

The psychological effects of waiting can damper a customer's experience significantly. Uncertainty about wait times usually causes stress. If a wait time is provided, however, those who wait will have distinctly different emotions depending on whether the time in line is more or less than the expected time. Some businesses, like Disney, take advantage of this and overestimate the wait time for rides at its theme parks, the Washington Post reported. That being said, the length of the line is more important to customers than the apparent pace of the line. "Slips," "skips," and other inequities in the line, Dr. Larson said, will also cause serious anxiety.

How money and ticket counters at casinos can improve the customer experience

An efficient money and ticket counter in a casino will help combat many of the psychological issues with waiting. For one, it provides uniformity and fairness to the system. If everyone is spending similar, short amounts of time with the cashiers, each person will appear to be receiving the same amount of service. If there are multiple lines, this will keep them moving at equal paces and reduce the "slips" and "skips." Casinos can't control when people decide to access the cashiers, so when there are large buildups, the fast money and ticket counters will likely make the waiting experience shorter than expected.

According to research by the National Business Research Institute, casinos that maximize customer satisfaction will "hit the jackpot." The NBRI found that intent to return to the casino was influenced by the wait times for food, drinks and service by the cashiers. As the casino industry continues to expand and become more competitive, having an edge on customer satisfaction with quick money and ticket counters will improve a casino's chance at success.

August 18, 2016