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Reasons to brand your ATM

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Branding your full-funtion ATMs at your branches is a part of your branch transformation strategy

Building a strong brand is vital for any company. It's what customers, vendors and even competitors think of when they hear your name, patronize your store and use your services. You're building your brand in your brick-and-mortar stores, online and anywhere else you interact with customers. One more way to reinforce your branding efforts is to brand your ATM. Here's why you should consider doing it:

Your customers will notice it. Branded ATMs stand out. Non-branded ATMs blend into the background. You'll get more usage if customers notice and are drawn to the machine.

Branding builds trust. In this age when credit card information can be compromised, a non-branded ATM might look sketchy and dangerous to customers, who might be reluctant to use it. Your familiar brand will reassure your customers the machine is safe to use.

Sets you apart from your competition. Attention-getting signage will give the machine a strong visual identity and promote usage, even with non-customers.

Builds awareness and customer loyalty. Offering an ATM in your store is a convenient service that customers are coming to expect. Branding the machine aligns your customer to your organization. A recent Gallup study found that customers aligned with a brand give it twice as much share of wallet, which translates to ROI.

Clarifies and reinforces your message. ATMs let you use visual storytelling to connect with customers. Compelling images can communicate your brand promise and message. They also allow you to cross-sell other products, which will increase your revenue.

ATMs are a powerful marketing tool. A conscious, deliberate message about your brand can strike an emotional note and win repeat business. ATMs can deliver valuable content, which in turn will drive new business. They can, and should, serve as an additional channel to deliver your marketing messages.

Promotes continuity across your footprint. Whether your customers walk into your store, go online or use an ATM, you should be giving them the same experience. Non-branded ATMs can distract or dilute other marketing messages and lessen customer loyalty.

ATMs are an important channel and branding them should be part of your overall strategy. Talk with a partner that has multiple choices when it comes to branding options, and discover what a difference branding can make.

July 15, 2019