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Protecting your ATMs against cyberattacks

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Small to mid-size bank ATMs are especially at risk for cyberattacks and can benefit from endpoint security

Every day in the news, it seems, we hear about yet another cyberattack, whether it's hackers finding their way into social media sites or malware viruses crippling industries. The financial sector is especially prone to it, experiencing 300 percent more cyberattacks than any other industry, according to recent reports.

And it's not just the big banks of the world that need to worry about cyberthreats. Small and mid-sized banks and credit unions are being targeted as well. Banks and credit unions with annual revenues of less than $35 million accounted for 81 percent of hacking and malware breaches in 2016. The theory is that these FIs don't have the resources to invest in robust data security systems nor the tech savvy to support them, but protecting your ATMs (and your customers' personal data) before they're damaged by a cyberattack is vital to banks and credit unions of all sizes.

That's why quality ATM providers offer endpoint security for their ATMs. It's a managed service that provides:

  • Real-time endpoint protection from viruses and other malware
  • Removable device control and protection
  • Application whitelisting
  • Enhanced communication protection
  • Whole-driven protection
  • Incident reporting when security events occur
  • Security status reporting

Here's how it works:

Software on the ATM itself prevents an unauthorized application or tool from being installed onto the system by using a variety of security controls. The software continually monitors the security status of your ATMs and reports back to a management server, which monitors connected endpoints (ATMs) based on policies that block, contain and quarantine any potential threats.

If an attack happens, the system's incident reports can tell you the origination of attack, if there was any damage and how bad it is. These reports can be customized based on the information you deem most important.

Being aware of cyberthreats, and setting up protections against them, will help safeguard your ATMs and your customers' personal data.

March 29, 2019