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Prioritize the workday with automated check scanners

With the help of dual purpose cash and check scanners, retailers can make much more efficient use of their time in the back office. Especially when hiring in the industry continues to expand at a relatively slow pace, business owners will benefit from embracing technology that boosts productivity amid a limited number of manual resources.

According to CareerBuilder's 2014 employment forecast for the private sector, a large majority of enterprises will likely be cautious when it comes to expanding the workforce over the next several months. The organization's most recent annual report estimated only 24 percent of companies will add full-time or permanent jobs this year. That number is two percentage points lower than what CareerBuilder predicted for 2013. Twenty-three percent of respondents claimed they would hold off on increasing internal staff for most of the year.

Several factors are influencing the current employment situation in the retail industry. For example, the CareerBuilder forecast said many of the businesses that claimed they wouldn't hire additional workers were doing so as a result of the ongoing debt ceiling debate in Congress. However, a recent article from The Washington Post reported that many retailers and other firms in the general services industry are currently sitting on a substantial amount of inventory left over from the holiday shopping season. As a result, hiring throughout the first part of 2014 may only expand at an incremental pace. 

Businesses need ways to do more with less
No matter what the economic conditions, retailers can always benefit from investing in technology that makes it easier to perform many of the time-consuming tasks associated with back office financial operations. Many small and medium-sized businesses already make the most of every individual employee on staff. As a result, tasks such as depositing checks can become an unexpected challenge when they require taking repeat trips to the bank.

With an advanced  cash and check processing machine, store managers can eliminate hours from the end of day deposit processing task. Scanning checks and counting cash atomically is completed in a matter of minutes with the right tools and technology. Hundreds of checks can be deposited to your bank account electronically, often eliminating the daily need to drop them off at the bank.

January 9, 2014