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Prepare for back-to-school shopping with dual-purpose cash and check scanners

August will be a busy month for back-to-school shoppers and the stores that specialize in catering to these families. According to the National Retail Federation, in 2016, over half of families with students plan to do their back-to-school shopping within three weeks to a week of the beginning of school. For businesses that offer school-related products, having an efficient, dual-purpose cash and check scanner will make the new wave of customers easier to handle.

Millennials are parents, too, and they like to spend cash

A significant percentage of millennials are now parents of school-aged children, the NRF reported. Consequently, many back-to-school shoppers will have the distinct shopping tendencies of millennials, which means businesses should be ready for debit cards, cash and checks. According to a survey conducted by TD Bank, millennials use credit cards far less than other shoppers, charging 22 percent less on average. Millennials also diverge from the average consumer by spending more than twice as much per month with cash, debit cards or checks. This large influx of cash and checks can be time-consuming to count and verify, especially if they come all within a small time frame. 

Dual-purpose cash and check scanners aid businesses in busy times

According to the NRF, the back-to-school shopping season has an impressive scale, as it is only beat in total spending by the winter holiday period. For the businesses that offer what kids need in the classroom, it is most likely one of the most profitable times, so making every possible transaction count will be beneficial. That will be difficult to achieve, however, if lines are long and employees do not have time to take care of other important tasks like restocking. A dual-purpose cash and check scanner helps business owners save time and record data accurately, freeing their employees to do other tasks and giving owners piece of mind.

August 12, 2016