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Police can use cash counters to handle seized funds

Police can use cash counters to handle seized funds

Cash counters enable law enforcement officials to handle seized money more efficiently. After uncovering stolen currency, these machines can help police departments assess the total value and determine whether any portion of the funds are counterfeit.

Many police departments around the country are struggling with budget cuts, and they need a way to maintain the same levels of service or boost efficiency without raising costs. For example, Jackson, Michigan is grappling with a safety grant that will expire and not be renewed, according to MLive. The cuts mean the Jackson Police Department will be left with fewer staff members. However, many of these law enforcement officials are expected to deliver the same level of public service with less funding.

Police are utilizing new tools to raise efficiency
With less funding, police departments have had to turn to free or cost-effective new tools to do more with less. Social media has given law enforcement officials a way to connect with people. For example, the police in Redwood City, California used Pinterest to reunite rightful owners with property that had been stolen in 1983, NPR reported. Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook are all free to use, and many police departments have been utilizing these platforms to their advantage. 

Police departments can use more than just social media to assist ongoing investigations  without overstretching their limited resources. While online tools may help officers connect with a wider audience, these organizations must also consider ways to improve more administrative operations. Cash counters can help police departments boost efficiency. Counting, documenting, and tracking serial numbers from seized money can be a time- and labor-intensive process, and with fewer staff members, many agencies do not have the resources to spare. 

May 12, 2014