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Nonprofits process donations faster with cash and check scanners

Nonprofits process donations faster with cash and check scanners

Nonprofit organizations will be especially glad to have invested in dual purpose cash and check scanners when they surpass previously-planned fundraising goals.

Both national and local charities often create specific monetary goals for their seasonal or annual donation campaigns. Most of the time, these limits represent the least amount of money possible needed to complete a specific long-term task, such as carrying out a program or purchasing new equipment that makes it easier for employees to complete the organization's mission. However, most charitable groups would welcome any additional money that exceeds that initial goal. The process of depositing checks or counting donated cash can be time-consuming for firms that already operate with limited budgets. Surpassing campaign goals may suddenly makes these tasks even harder without the right technology.

According to the Johnson City Press, a newspaper based in Johnson City, Tenn., the local United Way organization in Washington County had a strong finish to its 2013 fundraising initiative. The publication reported that the team collected $7,000 more than it had originally anticipated. This was due in large part to a variety of large, last-minute donations totaling as much as $5,000 in some cases.

Other nonprofit groups have also had surprisingly successful fundraising years. For example, a recent article from USA Today highlighted the fact the Professional Golfers' Association will soon transcend its goal of $2 billion worth of donations to charitable organizations around the U.S. The enterprises receiving this money may suddenly find themselves with more checks and currency to sort through than they had initially expected.

No matter how much money a nonprofit collects, dual purpose cash and check scanners will make back office financial tasks as easy as possible. Instead of relying on manual counting, or even two separate machines, to process donations, managers can invest in one automated tool to complete both tasks.

February 28, 2014