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Next generation of slots will benefit from current money counters

Next generation of slots will benefit from current money counters

Money and ticket counters are an effective way for casinos to keep overhead costs down. The cash desk can be labor intensive, depending on the time of day and the number of winners at slot machines and video card games, among others. If a gambling hall can keep the number of people at the station few and consistent, it will benefit from lower operating costs on a daily basis. These machines help by sorting out tickets using ticket-in, ticket-out reading technology to automate the processing of winnings for each patron, bolstering the customer service experience at the same time. Such thinking can apply beyond the cash desk, however, and can go towards the games themselves.

Networked slot machines with distributed content work well with TITO readers

The evolution of slot machines is rather interesting. In the beginning, they operated via a set of three mechanical reels with a limited number of symbols to represent a winning combination. Two more reels increased the amount of chance involved. It wasn't until video slots came into play that changes in the odds and the payouts became very apparent, however. Computer and networking technology enabled a greater degree of control of these games. Still, the action of making alterations to the machines - for example, to make adjustments if one machine seemed too loose or stingy - requires a significant amount of employee time and effort.

A new series of slot machines by Banyan Games looks to address this problem. Gaming Today reported the company will launch a new platform of video slots. It will combine several different features such as high-definition video, prescriptive analytics and machine networking to increase efficiency. The machines will have up to 30 different themes to entice customers. The games receive content through a distributed network system that allows for changes on the fly. What makes the platform particularly special is that if state regulations change regarding the machines, all it takes is a manager in a central location to make the alterations for all the machines automatically. That saves a lot of time and money versus having someone come in to make the adjustments manually.

With this high-end technology, the video slots platform can easily cut labor costs by minimizing the number of employees necessarily to change and fix things. Like with money and ticket counters, a casino can save money and spend more time addressing customer needs.

January 18, 2016