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New technology can help business owners

Business owners face a number of challenges, but can seek solutions through employing the latest technology such as a dual purpose cash and check scanner, which can streamline work processes. Because running a company can be difficult, more entrepreneurs need to determine how they can better handle processes and make their operations more efficient.

Americans think it's hard to own a business
Most people know it's not easy to be an entrepreneur, but it appears to be getting more difficult to launch an organization. According to a new survey from Constant Contact, entrepreneurs think running a business has become even more difficult over the last several years. The marketing firm's poll found 59 percent of small-business owners think it's more difficult to own a successful company today than it was five years ago.

While 55 percent said the economy was a factor, 49 percent struggled to keep up with the technological solutions that would help them run their firms more effectively. Another 40 percent had a hard time keeping up with other firms in the area. By choosing to implement technology that aims to streamline company processes, like a money counter, a business owner may find he or she is better able to complete important tasks quickly and spend time with customers, allowing them to build up a reputation and outrank local competitors in the long run.

Technology can help make companies more efficient
It's not enough for company leaders to be aware time-saving technology exists - they must be willing to use it. In fact, embracing new technology may prove to be a worthwhile endeavor for many entrepreneurs and even make running a business easier on them. Fifteen percent of American workers anticipate technological advancements could render some of their job responsibilities irrelevant within the coming months and years, according to a poll conducted by Harris Interactive.

While this figure may sound ominous, it could have positive impacts for business owners. By eliminating some worker duties, company leaders could have the opportunity to combine positions or have employees focus more on other essential tasks that can help enterprises grow and advance. For instance, with a dual purpose cash and check processing machine a worker can complete backroom process much more quickly and spent additional time assisting customers or finishing up outstanding tasks, rather than manually counting currency and checks. The addition of remote deposit capture or using an image cash letter to transmit the entire deposit to their bank expedites the processing further and provides quicker access to capital. This can help a business grow and establish a stronger relationship with local customers.

June 19, 2013