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New styles of slot machines can benefit from TITO ticket readers

A mix of live and video blackjack is possible with the help of ticket counters.

Casinos greatly benefit from using money and ticket counters, especially when they deploy slot and video machines. With so many choices for games out there, having a way to quickly convert winnings into cold hard cash at the cage is an important aspect of maintaining an efficient and satisfactory gaming operation. These machines utilize ticket-in, ticket-out reading technology to perform this process, sorting out cash based on a barcode that explains how much a gambler won. The machines' accuracy assures patrons that they will always get the amount they won, no matter how big or little. That will help retain customers overall and enable growth over the long term.

New blackjack game with star power works well with money and ticket counters

Many casinos find it best to revamp their machine set up every so often. While some customers will prefer certain games and stick with them for as long as possible, many patrons will find that they like variety and new ideas in what they play. It allows for a more exciting experience on the whole and gives them a reason to come back on a regular basis. While some gaming centers may find it easier to harken back to old times by bringing back mechanical reel machines, it's often best to take advantage of the latest technology.

Deploying star power with new games can greatly help casinos. Consider Parx Casino's newest game, ShaqBLACKJack. Dynamic Gaming Systems worked closely with the basketball star and media personality to create a hybrid table-slot machine, according to casino blog It features 24 separate live slot-like blackjack games. The Philadelphia area casino will link these machines to a live blackjack game and dealer in a basketball-themed area on the gaming floor, making them very unique. The game combines elements of basketball and Shaq's distinct sense of humor into one game. The plan is part of the star's own efforts to make inroads in the gaming industry. Shaq currently wants to develop new real estate in Atlantic City, with a new apartment complex based in the South Inlet part of the city.

Of course, with any chance to best Shaq comes the need to turn those winnings over to cash. With even advanced hybrid machines like ShaqBLACKJack, money and ticket counters become extremely useful due to their use of TITO technology. This enables a seamless experience, making a visit to the casino fun and enticing.

December 9, 2015