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New Jersey casinos bring in business with fantasy team bets

Casinos in New Jersey could soon see a huge boost in business, as a popular plan to allow fantasy sports gambling was recently upheld. The state's Division of Gaming Enforcement just published its guidelines that will serve to regulate how casinos can capitalize on this initiative, which will take effect April 22. This is just one of the latest moves made to increase gaming in the state, as Governor Chris Christie also recently approved a plan that would legalize online gambling associated with established casinos. 

Plan could increase business in state casinos 
As part of the agreement, casinos will be permitted to develop their own games or work with companies that already are involved in the fantasy sports realm. Even though the implementation date means casinos will miss out on March Madness NCAA basketball wagering, they will still benefit from the start of the baseball season, which could mean an increase of people placing bets and an influx of business for casinos across the state. Not only could interested individuals head to the casinos to participate in fantasy gambling, they could also take the opportunity to wager on other games as well. 

"This presents a great opportunity for both casinos and companies currently providing fantasy sports tournaments to create a mutually beneficial relationship where the fantasy providers can expand their business and the casinos can have another attractive amenity to bring visitors to Atlantic City," said Lisa Spengler, spokeswoman for the Division of Gaming Enforcement, according to The New York Times. 

Prepping for business this spring 
As casinos across New Jersey prepare for fantasy baseball betting and the anticipated increased business it will bring, they need to take the initiative to enhance and simplify their processes to cope with the additional cash they'll be handling. 

Local gaming institutions may need to invest in updated currency counters to be better able to determine what they're bringing in and what they need to hand out to lucky winners. Having a newer machine may speed cash counting processes and help casinos ensure their practices are streamlined and their clients are satisfied. 

However, because the acceptance of fantasy sports gambling may also lead participants to enjoy other games in the casino, other gaming processes should also be updated. A new casino ticket counter could help employees ensure patrons are quickly and efficiently served, enhancing a casino's reputation and encouraging satisfied clients to return and continue supporting the business. 

March 20, 2013