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New casinos should be fitted with money and ticket counters

New casinos with video casino games benefit from money and ticket counters.

As casinos grow, there is an increasing amount of support for implementing money and ticket counters. There are many different ways for gamblers to play now, including video card games along with slot machines. These machines are better suited at giving winners tickets with the exact amount of money they won than tokens that can get stuck and could be counterfeited for fraudulent purposes. This is more evident in new casinos that are sprouting around the country. These new machines will ultimately lead the way in how gambling functions in this century. Having a TITO ticket reader that can allocate winnings quickly and efficiently will make a difference with these gaming machines.

New Massachusetts casino could benefit from money and ticket counters

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a change in gambling laws has opened up the state to major casinos. The first of these is the Plainridge Park Casino, located in Plainville between Boston and Providence, R.I. off Interstate 495. As WBUR-FM reported, the casino is the only one in the state that was awarded a license for a slots parlor, which includes a series of slot machines. The casino will have a soft opening on June 22, with its full opening occurring two days later.

One of the important factors of this casino is that, along with being first in a state that has long been against casino resorts, the town will receive $20 million over five years, receiving the equivalent of about 10 percent of its annual municipal budget. The money will be spent on bolstering emergency services and infrastructure, as well as creating a rainy-day fund which will be used for emergencies, especially if the casino venture fails.

What makes Plainridge Park unique from the other resort casinos licensed by the Massachusetts state government is that it is a slots parlor, and thus isn't allowed to have table games with in-person dealers such as blackjack, poker and baccarat. Instead, gamblers that visit the site will be witness to 1,250 slot machines as well as electronic table games, which have tablets where cards would be and a virtual dealer greeting them. These systems tend to use tickets exclusively to hand out winnings, and TITO ticket readers have the benefit of being able to read them and sort out the cash winnings with speed and efficiency. When the other three resort casinos open in Massachusetts in the coming years, there will be a need to emphasize customer service, and these readers will help.

August 17, 2015