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New casinos get a little help from money and ticket counters

Money and ticket counters can help new casinos succeed.

If there's one unsung technology in casinos, it's the money and ticket counter. It's a great device that made tickets a feasible replacement for exchanging winnings. With these effective machines, people don't need to wait for their hard-won cash and can move between machines without having to worry about losing what they won at a different table or slot machine. They also help casinos cut down on overhead by reducing labor costs through fast processing speeds. In many ways, the behind-the-scenes impact that these counters demonstrate is outsized, especially in new casinos that may need to show their customer service bona fides.

New casino succeeds with TITO ticket readers

Quite a few states recently adopted laws that legalize gambling, enabling them to compete for customers with big-name casinos in nearby states. Massachusetts is one such state. In the past, many residents would drive a few hours to visit Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun in southeastern Connecticut or a few hours more to the casino resorts of Atlantic City, New Jersey. In legalizing casinos in 2012, the state pushed for selective licenses. While full-fledged resorts with table games are still at least three years away, the state had its first slots-based opening in June 2015 with Plainridge Park in Plainville, located between Boston and Providence, Rhode Island.

Reports indicate that Plainridge Park is a success, despite lacking draws such as blackjack and poker. The New London Day reported the privately operated casino is on the receiving end of people's attention. In its first full month of operations, the casino earned $18.1 million in gaming revenue. Helping the process is an eclectic mix of slots with live harness racing. These profits happen despite significant competition from Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island, which is only 18 miles away and added some table games in the last two years.

The secret to the success of Plainridge Park is customer service. Many patrons who spoke with The Day commented on the clean environment and nice ambience. Making the casino smoke-free turned out to be an unforeseen advantage, giving the impression that the place was friendly to visitors. Money and ticket counters are another element that enables customer satisfaction at the cash desk, creating a better experience when customers actually win at slots or betting on horses.

November 16, 2015