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New casinos can get a firm start with money and ticket counters

New casinos can get a firm start with money and ticket counters

As regulations change, more casinos are opening around the country, and these new facilities can benefit from money and ticket counters. The Massachusetts government is currently in talks to approve the state's first upscale casino, The Associated Press reported.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission could approve the license for a project in the western part of the state as soon as June 13. The new development would be an MGM Resorts International casino in Springfield, and those in favor of the project believe it will help revitalize the formerly industrial region and create a new source of employment in the area. Springfield has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state, according to the article.

The license is contingent on approval from state gambling regulators, who will meet to reach a decision, a separate article from the AP stated. Massachusetts updated its casino laws in 2011 to grant permits to three regional casinos and one slot parlor. The slot parlor license has already been awarded, and the MGM project would be the first casino license granted.

New casinos need systems to boost efficiency
As more states move to ease their restrictions on casinos, new developments will continue to emerge. If given approval from the state, the project in Springfield will be an $800 million development covering 15 acres, The AP reported. However, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission is currently examining revenue and finance projections of the operation before deciding whether or not to approve the new development. 

With significant upfront investments, casino operators need ways to increase efficiency immediately after opening. Money and ticket counters can streamline back-office operations so staff members can focus on providing a high-quality experience to visitors. This allows casino operators to reach profitability more quickly after opening. 

June 2, 2014