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New casino plans can benefit from money and ticket counters

Money and ticket counters are a great way for casinos to demonstrate customer service.

Money and ticket counters are a boon to both established and new casinos alike. The purpose of these machines is efficiency. With gamblers demanding better customer service, especially with so many choices out there in terms of w to play, having quick service to clear out one's winnings is essential. A ticket-based system for video slots or gaming can be very helpful, since it doesn't require filling up on tokens in each machine. As a result, not only are fewer materials required to run the casino efficiently, but people have to only carry around paper scrip instead of large amounts of coins just to get what they won at the machines.

A new casino could prove its customer service through TITO ticket readers

New casinos are appearing everywhere, with many municipalities looking to earn revenue off the money of tourists and local gamblers. It can also serve as the foundation to other tourism-based and civic infrastructure, such as convention centers, hotels and real estate development. Newark, New Jersey, the largest city in the state, is now pushing to build their own casino as well. According to, the city announced an effort to build a casino within its limits. It has the backing of several officials, the most important of them being Mayor Ras Baraka.

However, the effort requires a lot of political weightlifting. The State of New Jersey forbids gambling operations outside of Atlantic City in its constitution. Ralph Caputo, a State Assemblyman, is pushing to have a constitutional amendment be put to a statewide referendum in November in order to address this issue by allowing casinos in Essex, Bergen and Hudson. Currently the bill is being mulled by the State Assembly. It needs to pass with a 60 percent majority from the Assembly by August 3 for the public vote to happen.

At the same time, the proposal faces hostility not only from the southern parts of the state supported by Atlantic City but also from competitors that are looking to stake a claim at their own casinos in other parts of North Jersey, including Jersey City and the Meadowlands. With such fierce competition imminent, the Newark casino could benefit from standing out by having high-quality customer service first and foremost. Money and ticket counters can help achieve this by making the process of recovering winnings easier, quicker and less error-prone. Gamblers come out happy with their hard-won money, while casinos gain loyal customers as a result.

July 10, 2015