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National grocery store expansions benefit from self-service coin counters

National grocery store expansions benefit from self-service coin counters

The self-service coin counter is a great asset to offer customers at grocery stores. The machine can turn the loose change consumers gather into useful cash through a ticketing system. In an increasingly competitive market, service is important factor in bringing in and retaining customers, no matter who they are. Additional amenities and other factors like these machines can help stores communicate to patrons that they can get whatever they need from their grocery shopping experience. They also help build on the idea that the store is a place where communities can gather and interact with one another.

Expanding nationally? Self-service coin counters can help establish presence

When expanding on a national level, grocery store chains face unique challenges, especially when they don't have any buy-in in the area through the acquisition of or merger with a local chain. New regional markets have distinct buying patterns based on cultural and seasonal preferences. Marketing and advertising the wrong things can cause problems. It's important to establish consistency through a series of anchors that maintain a constant brand so that people can trust stores for what they sell. Self-service coin counters can perform this task through branding, and they are a great asset to have in completely new markets that stretch far beyond the original home region.

This is especially true if the chain has a certain specialization. Door to Door faces this task as it expands on a national scale as a natural and organics grocer. Supermarket News reported that the chain announced new markets it will reach in the coming weeks and months. Having previously focused on states of the western United States, it is now pushing to open up markets in Des Moines, Iowa and Columbus, Ohio. Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado expect openings as well. This will happen over the course of the fall.

Given that grocers such as Door to Door require massive logistics just to pull off a national-level expansion, having a service that demonstrates the brand and provides something to the community becomes necessary. Prominent placement and branding of self-service coin counters can help stores achieve these goals. For customers that may feel uncomfortable spending a lot of money buying organic and natural foods, extra money always helps alleviate concerns. What better way to do that than through exchanging loose change for cash?

October 13, 2015