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Municipalities improve performance with dual purpose cash and check scanners

Municipalities improve performance with dual purpose cash and check scanners

Inefficiencies can be detrimental to the success of any government operation, but automated, dual purpose cash and check scanners provide these institutions with an easy way to maximize productivity. Public organizations of any size often experience a high level of scrutiny into how effectively they are able to complete their jobs. Residents of cities and states want to know that their tax dollars are used as wisely as possible and that no money is wasted on convoluted or time-consuming processes.

The Advocate, an online news publication based in Louisiana, recently highlighted the results of a third-party audit of Baldwin, La.'s existing municipal budget. The report found that not only was the local government $240,000 in debt last year, but residents and local businesses that interact directly with government programs have experienced delayed payments as a direct result of internal disorganization. Additionally, financial problems have made it difficult for the town to capitalize on traditionally reliable income streams, such as gas, water and other utility payments.

Municipalities can avoid similar problems by investing in dual purpose cash and check scanners to complete their back office financial tasks more effectively. With these automated machines, government employees can electronically process checks received from taxes or utility payments. In the long run, these practices end up saving trips to the bank and create more time for offices to spend on other important issues. According to a Cummins Allison case study, utility providers are in an especially prime position to benefit from this technology. Machines such as the JetScan iFX i100 can handle a steady stream of 400 documents per minute - an ideal rate for organizations that receive checks from thousands of residents every month. Improving efficiency will help public agencies access capital more quickly, which can help stave off budget issues in the future.

March 20, 2014