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Municipalities can show taxpayer responsibility with dual-purpose check and cash scanners

Municipalities can show taxpayer responsibility with dual-purpose check and cash scanners

Not only can they save time and reduce costs, dual-purpose check and cash scanners also have the potential to keep taxpayers happy.

Local governments count on various sources for revenue, from federal government transfers to licensing fees. However, taxpayer money remains an essential source of revenue to keep municipalities running smoothly.

In fact, research from the Tax Policy Center found that revenue generated through taxes - including property tax, sales and gross receipts tax, individual income tax and others - represents the largest source of revenue for local governments.

If there's one thing government officials can count on from taxpayers, it's a feeling that their money should be used efficiently and effectively. After all, no one wants to feel like the tax money they part with is wasted or spent without thought.

The question is: What can municipalities do to show taxpayers they are attempting to reduce costs? While there are plenty of suitable answers to this question, one of the most simple comes in the form of dual-purpose check and cash scanners.

Streamlining government processes
One of the primary duties of many governmental departments is the process of collecting payments for things like permits, fines, licenses and bills. The bigger the local government, the more daunting this task becomes.

However, the JetScan iFX check and currency scanner allows municipalities to reduce the time needed to prepare deposits thanks to incredibly fast check scanning. Additionally, the fact that currency can be counted with the same machine means local governments can cut back on equipment costs.

These features will streamline processes and give government employees more time to focus on other tasks and improving customer service while showing taxpayers their money is being put to good use.

September 11, 2014