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Municipalities can benefit from dual-purpose cash and check scanners

Municipalities can benefit from dual-purpose cash and check scanners

Dual-purpose cash and check scanners are a valuable tool for increasing efficiency when facing budgeting difficulties. While it may seem like the winter is long in the past, many municipalities are still feeling the strain on their budgets.

Because the winter weather was so severe in so many places, cities exceeded their budgets for snow plowing and salting roads. It continues to be an issue because municipalities have to balance their budgets for the rest of the year. For example, State College, Pennsylvania went over its winter budget by 20 to 25 percent, according to The extra costs came from unexpected labor and equipment expenses. Additionally, the cold weather was so severe that many roads were significantly damaged and need to be resurfaced this summer. This may add another $150,000 to municipal costs.

Regions that typically experience a lot of snow and ice in the winter usually budget accordingly, but no one expected the particularly severe weather in early 2014. While Michigan is no stranger to harsh winters, some municipalities went through their snow removal budgets much earlier than usual, Lansing State Journal reported. Some cities in the mid-Michigan area had to tap into surplus funds to cover the extra costs. Salt funds were exceeded, and many towns had to pay plow drivers overtime.

Municipalities need tools to increase efficiency
Dual-purpose cash and check scanners give municipalities a way to increase efficiency without exceeding their payroll budgets. Additionally, the faster city employees process cash and check payments from residents, the sooner the municipality can use the funds for crucial infrastructure projects. Especially when limiting overtime payments is of the utmost concern, cash and check scanners can save employees time so they are not staying past the end of their scheduled shifts. Excessive municipality spending can occur from unexpected conditions, such as harsh winters, and tools like dual-purpose cash and check scanners can help cities and towns limit the negative effects of these issues. 

July 15, 2014