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Money counters simplify back office tasks at schools

Money counters simplify back office tasks at schools

Public school districts can use cash counter machines to reduce the overhead costs associated with certain back office tasks. Whether it's counting money received through school lunch purchases or bookstore sales, organizations throughout the U.S. have the opportunity to ease many of the negative effects of the current economy by focusing on automating time-consuming manual procedures.

Maintaining operations amid financial trouble
State governments have struggled to allocate as much funding as usual for educational programs in recent years. The result has had a significant impact on the performance of many school districts. For example, the Chicago Tribune reported that the state's latest financial report card of scholastic institutions placed 121 districts in the lowest-possible categories for economic performance. In fact, 62 percent of these organizations are now facing steep deficits. The article said the number of Illinois school districts that are in financial trouble has more than doubled in only two years.

A lack of funding creates a variety of problems for public schools. For instance, many may have to increase classroom size and lay off teachers. In other cases, academic organizations may have no other choice but to cut extracurricular programs. Limited resources can also make it difficult for employees to complete basic back office tasks that are essential to the everyday success of the school. Investing in an automated money counter can boost efficiency and hold back much of the negative impact of overarching financial trouble.

Restoring employee engagement
Introducing these machines into the back office will also help employees maintain a strong sense of optimism at school. Harvard Business Review cited data from Gallup's 2013 "State of the American Workplace" report that found 30 percent of the nation's employed population felt disengaged at work in 2012. Ongoing budget problems can also have a negative impact on attitudes - especially at schools. However, using cash counters to automatically count lunch money or bookstore sales allows these organizations to maintain full productivity amid limited resources. Instead of having teachers and other staff members dedicate hours every day to counting cash, these tools will complete the same processes in minutes. While many schools are struggling to make ends meet, a gradually improving economy could turn this situation around in the long run. In the meantime, districts can make immediate improvements to their back office operations by using automated technology. 

March 20, 2014