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Money counters keep retailers prepared for anything

Retailers that utilize cash counters in the back office are less likely to face costly interruptions that prevent them from taking full advantage of the busy summer shopping season.

News from the U.S. Commerce Department shows it's already shaping up to be a particularly lucrative summer for retailers nationwide. According to The Wall Street Journal, which reported on the department's latest findings, overall retail sales increased 0.5 percent in May compared to April. Economists believe even this incremental increase in activity indicates a larger trend for more consumer confidence overall.

In other words, the report highlights good news for the retail industry, whose success is closely tied to fluctuations in the economy. Managers can expect an increase in traffic to their stores this summer. While any business would welcome that trend with open arms, team members first need the proper technology in place to make sure they can meet the demands of a busier store environment.

That not only means having automated tools that minimize the time employees spend counting the influx of cash at the end of the day, it also means keeping an eye on individual bills to make sure no counterfeit money is finding its way in the revenue stream. WLTX, a CBS affiliate based in South Carolina, said police in Newberry County uncovered thousands of dollars in fabricated bills. The news station highlighted the unique challenge retailers face when trying to identify counterfeit bills by hand.

The best solution is an advanced money counter that automates the process entirely, resulting in both time and money savings for businesses during a period when they need it most. That way, managers can prepare their stores to handle a busy summer season without putting their bottom lines at risk.

July 19, 2016