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Money counters help law enforcement officers fight crime

Police officers around the country are finding it more difficult to tackle drug-related crimes and thus require the use of money counters to accurately count drug money seized during operations. In New Orleans alone, this financial truth has come forward. In a recent report by WWL-TV, law enforcement officers claim that much of the violence they investigate is drug-related crimes. Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand said that he finds this drug issue difficult to tackle emotionally because perpetrators are willing to die for the cause, gang affiliations and money. 

Using peaceful intervention methods such as money counters can help law enforcement officials arrest the correct criminals with accurate financial statements from money counters to back up claims.

Why money counters simply matter

Cash counters are absolutely necessary for law enforcement officers to stop the war on drugs and gain accurate assessments for crime reports that are published. Without cash counters, law enforcement offices are open to human error and may require the use of industry officials to accurately handle any money discrepancies.

  • Efficiency: The first and most important detail is that money counters are efficient. Since most law enforcement officials work on an on-call basis while stationed at various posts, they need to be able to respond quickly instead of focusing on repetitive tasks, such as counting money. Money counters are especially convenient because they can count up to 1,600 various bills per minute and also have the ability to store money amounts digitally. This makes them quick and reliable should law enforcement offices ever lose track of money amounts during prosecutions.
  • Accountability: Without an accountable machine, counting cash by hand may be left to human error and lead to unfair prosecutions or even discrepancies that will backfire on a local station. With a reliable money counter, law enforcement offices, as well as lawyers, can determine accurate amounts to use in trials and for reporting without the risk of human mistakes.
  • Satisfaction: when fully satisfied with their careers, law enforcement officials are more likely to perform thorough investigative work and show immense pride for their communities. Using a money counter will give law enforcement officers the ability to focus on their towns and communities instead of mundane tasks.

In order for law offices to fully protect citizens, they must invest in money counters to help prevent crimes and accurately count money for news outlets and local crime reports.

June 23, 2016