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Money counters help cash-based businesses grow

As businesses look for ways to generate higher profits and increase productivity, money counters help cash-based establishments such as restaurants flourish. In 2016, companies are optimistic about their organization's futures. According to The National Retail Federation's Small Business Experience at Retail's BIG Show 2016, small retailers and restaurants are feeling confident due to better funding opportunities, easier access to resources and healthier economic environments. These elements together create opportunities for companies to move forward. This is especially true for cash-based restaurants such as bodegas, farmers markets and more.

As the move towards digital continues, many businesses worry about accepting different forms of payment such as EMV cards, mobile payments and even checks. However, owners should feel confident knowing the preferred method of payment among Americans. According to The Street, Americans prefer using cash for shopping due to increased security threats on debit and credit cards. As such, companies can provide a convenience to customers by investing in a cash counter that speeds up processes and gives staff members more time on the retail floor.

Cash counters help organizations grow

As time progresses, more establishments will look to accept alternative forms of payment such as mobile payments. However, many restaurants, thrift stores and small businesses still only accept cash because it does not require them to pay credit card processing fees. Businesses must focus on ways to create operational efficiencies, including investing in money counters. Money counters allow business owners to process their cash and checks quickly and accurately. Most machines are equipped with four levels of memory, helping business owners track totals and batches. This makes running financial reports at the end of the day or week easier for employees, managers and owners.

Money and cash counters are an intuitive technology that help ease the burden of potentially hiring new employees and training them by expediting processes. For primarily cash-based companies that still write paychecks by hand, money counters become especially useful when calculating group tips for the end of the night in a restaurant. They also help owners keep digital records of accounts should the business be asked to provide documentation for taxes or other services. These money counters also give owners valuable time to focus on business matters such as customer service. Above all, money counters decrease time spent on tedious tasks and help managers create efficient processes. 

May 12, 2016