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Money counters can help law enforcement in tough economic times

Money counters can help law enforcement in tough economic times

Using the right cash counter is always important, but even more so during times of economic hardship. Economic downturn affects everyone, but it's often overlooked how seriously it may impact vital services people depend on, such as law enforcement.

When local economies struggle, law enforcement agencies generally feel the ramifications as well, especially in the form of budget cuts. However, the public continues to depend on these agencies and retains its high expectations for service. This leaves departments and their officers trying to find new ways to streamline processes to save money and time.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) reported that as recently as 2013, law enforcement agencies across the country were still contending with budget cuts.

"Unfortunately, the severe cuts to these programs come at a time when state, local and tribal agencies already are dealing with dramatic cuts in state, county, municipal and tribal budgets," the organization stated. "In addition, many agencies already have been forced to make drastic reductions in services such as responding to only high-level or life-threatening calls for service, forgoing equipment replacement and upgrades, and eliminating special programs and units. Even more troubling is the fact that most chiefs reported that their levels of service would continue to decline as the impact from budget cuts intensifies."

In situations such as these, even seemingly tiny changes intended to reduce time-consumption and cost can make a big difference. This is why the types of cash counters used by police departments remains a vital factor.

Saving time, reducing costs
The right money counter can save literally hundreds of hours for law enforcement agencies and provide more accurate records. For instance, the JetScan iFX cash counter scans, counts and records serial numbers at a rate of 1,200 bills per minute, eclipsing every other product on the market. However, the time-saving opportunities don't end there.

This product is also portable, meaning law enforcement personnel can scan money in the field, keep the chain of custody intact and complete money processing faster. It's because of these capabilities that nearly 200 agencies use the Cummins Allison JetScan iFX.

Additionally, this product creates a digital record of scanned cash that allows agencies to store it electronically. This information can then be shared with other agencies or provided as evidence.

No matter the state of the economy, law enforcement must constantly be on the hunt for ways to streamline essential processes, and utilizing a quality money counter is one way to do so.

September 29, 2014