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Money counters are essential to small business growth

Money counters are essential to small business growth

As small businesses consider their opportunities for future growth, money counters should be included as an essential part of the equation. The good news is that small businesses today are optimistic about their prospects for expansion. According to the "American Express OPEN Small Business Growth Pulse," 72 percent of small-business owners are prioritizing growth this year, and 65 percent have created a formal plan to do so.

There are a number of factors adding to this positive outlook. The National Retail Federation shared insight from the Small Business Experience at Retail's BIG Show 2016, which revealed more funding options, easier access to resources and a healthier economic environment create a perfect opportunities for businesses to move forward. Another aspect of this positive climate is the fact that retailers and other small businesses have access to better technologies.

Cash counters enable growth

As far as technology is concerned, small-business owners must invest in tools that empower them to accommodate growth. Point-of-sale systems, inventory management software and advanced payment options are just a few. However, cash counters are another integral component retailers should not ignore.

As small businesses expand and begin to accept more currency, it is important to find ways to create operational efficiencies. Money counters allow business owners to process their cash and checks quickly and accurately, even as volume increases over time. Equipped with four levels of memory, these machines track totals and batches so running financial reports at the end of the day is easier.

Moreover, this intuitive technology helps ease the burden of the hiring and training process, which is inevitable any time a small business opens new shops or beings offering additional products or services. It's also important to consider that expansion often translates to the promotion of entry-level staff to managerial positions. Equipped with technology that makes their jobs simpler, these new leaders will have a much easier time adapting to their new responsibilities.

Above all, money counters decrease the time owners, managers and associates spend in the back room, instead empowering them to do work that actually ensures the success of a growing business. When team members are on the retail floor, they spend time promoting new products, making lasting connections with guests and providing excellent customer service.

March 18, 2016