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Money counter features law enforcement needs

Money counter features law enforcement needs

Law enforcement handles a lot of currency every day, which is why it needs accurate money counters. Whether your officers are processing bills they'll use on a case or counting seized currency, tracking serial numbers and making records is part of the job. As such, it's important that the cash counters municipalities use have the right features.

Features money counters need

Counterfeit detection
Weeding out fraudulent bills by hand can take time, but a money counter that can detect counterfeits makes the job easier. The JetScan iFX i100 from Cummins Allison catches fraudulent bills people and other money counters miss.

Law enforcement offices have to keep a record of the bills that come and go, which requires getting an image of the currency and storing it in a database. Make sure all of your money is clearly scanned and saved with the help of a cash counter. This feature allows you to forgo the use of a manual scanner, letting you to use your time for more important matters. 

Serial number scans
The reason imaging is important is because you need a record of every serial number on each bill you have. Don't spend time manually inputting those numbers. Instead, use a cash counter that identifies and saves them for you. Cummins Allison's counter even helps with bills that are worn - if it can't read the complete serial number, it'll stop and ask you to fill in the missing numbers. This way, you never have an incorrect number in your system.

While you'll mostly count money back at the station, law enforcement occasionally has to do so in the field. For this reason, having a portable counter is crucial. It allows you to maintain accuracy and documentation standards no matter where you are.

The JetScan iFX i100 includes these and other features all designed to aid law enforcement. Learn how else the machine can make your job easier.

March 21, 2017