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Money and ticket counters serve as useful tools for state gaming operations

Money and ticket counters are useful tools in for new state casinos.

For many states that have some control over gaming operations, it's a good idea to use money and ticket counters. These machines were designed with customer service in mind. Using TITO ticket reading capabilities, gaming halls can make their cash desks faster and more efficient. That way, businesses are prepared for a sudden rush of people looking to collect their winnings. This also helps bring down labor costs, as it enables fewer employees to be in the cage at any given time. Efficiency and productivity help bring savings, which is useful for companies looking to improve their casinos' reputations in the eyes of state governments.

Massachusetts casinos could benefit from cost-cutting TITO ticket readers

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts recently moved to expand casino operations in the state. This includes one slots parlor and three full resort casinos scattered throughout the state, including one in the Boston area. While not all the licenses have been issued - the license for the area covering New Bedford, Fall River, Cape Cod and the Islands won't be awarded until 2016 - the other two casinos are well underway. In addition, the first licensed establishment, Plainridge Park Casino in Plainville, is now open for business.

There have already been many developments to the two casinos already awarded. The first casino, owned by MGM and placed in Springfield near the Connecticut border, just received approval for a one-year delay in construction, according to MassLive. The gaming hall, worth $800 million, was scheduled to open in 2017. However, MGM successfully argued that the state's renovation of the Interstate 91 viaduct currently underway must be complete before the casino will open. Otherwise, the casino would suffer losses from customers avoiding it because of the traffic bottleneck created from building.

On the other side of the state, Wynn Resorts announced its plans for its casino in Everett, four miles north of Boston. It plans to build a $1.2 billion casino, with the expectation that groundbreaking will occur by the end of August after the company receives all the necessary permits to build. In order to bolster the Massachusetts economy, the company will pay 25 percent tax daily on gross gaming revenue and will give $850 million over the course of 15 years to both the city of Everett and the state.

With all this money going around, low labor costs are a great way to maintain a good bottom line. That's why casino operators should consider investing in money and ticket counters. By increasing efficiency at the cash desk, there's less need to spend money on extra employees or hours, ensuring a better chance at profitability.

October 22, 2015