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Money and ticket counters provide cost-effective efficiency solution

Money and ticket counters provide cost-effective efficiency solution

Money and ticket counters can help casinos more effectively manage employee productivity. The recession was difficult on many sectors of the economy, but the gambling industry was one of the few that profited, according to Cornwall Free Press.

Growth in gambling has been fueled by a number of factors, including shifts in state legislation that make casinos permissible in more places, new technology and evolving attitudes about individual disposable income. However, this could challenge casinos further. Established facilities have to contend with new casinos in nearby states that have legalized gambling more recently. Additionally, there has been a surge in online gambling, which could also prove to be challenging for casinos that want to increase revenue. While the market is growing overall, it may be more difficult for individual casinos to grow profits.

Casino operators need solutions to boost efficiency
In particular, the East Coast is quickly becoming a saturated market for gambling. States like Pennsylvania legalized casinos many years ago and operate a number of facilities that once drew in customers from other bordering states. However, as more states build casinos of their own, it could become more difficult to attract out-of-state visitors. New York and Massachusetts are building new facilities, which could add to the market saturation in the region, New York state publication The Daily Gazette reported.

Many parts of the country were rocked by a harsh winter, and some people believe this has contributed to a temporary decline in casino traffic, the article stated. Casino operators will continue to face a number of issues in the industry, but they can take a more proactive role in tackling issues with efficiency by implementing money and ticket counters to streamline employee tasks. 

July 21, 2014