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Money and ticket counters pave the way for smarter casinos

Money and ticket counters pave the way for smarter casinos

Money and ticket counters streamline casino operations in a way that humans can't. They're accurate, fast and rely on modern technology. As such, they're a perfect fit for the gaming industry, which is more and more turning to tech and big data to create the best-possible experience. 

For instance, many casinos now gather data from their machines on how patrons move through the floor and play once they sit down. This information helps them better position both digital and manned stations to get customers to spend money and play more games. Additionally, computerized, state-of-the-art machines let players get a new experience. Money and tickets counters complement this environment of information and technology.

The tech behind money and ticket counters

Money and ticket counters from Cummins Allison are outfitted with top-of-the-line features engineered to make operations more automatic. The JetScan iFX series can process cash, checks and tickets simultaneously, all while taking images of the currency and saving those files for your records. You'll be able to see the total mount coming in, as well as sums for each currency category.

What's more, you'll have pocket options, enabling you to get machines with one or more insert slots. That way, you can process as many bills at once as you need to - this makes outfitting exchange counters and counting rooms a breeze. As for speed, the JetScan iFX series can read up to 1,200 tickets and cash per minute.

Save time depositing your casino's income, too, using money and ticket counters. Cummins Allison's products send data to your financial institution, allowing digital deposit. This way, you won't have to take an extra trip at the end of the day.

All of these features, from automatic deposit to quick and accurate counting of multiple currency types, keeps the financial side of your business as fast as the rest of it. And with future-ready design, you can upgrade your machines as your casino becomes more and more technologically sophisticated.

March 29, 2017