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Money and ticket counters offer cost-saving opportunities for casinos

Casino owners may want to consider investing in high-quality money and ticket counters to eliminate time-consuming tasks that may be standing in the way of long-term growth.

The gaming industry operates in a relatively volatile market. American consumers typically reserve their entertainment expenditures when they have a significant amount of disposable income at hand. According to a recent report from USA Today, households across the country have only increased their overall spending at incremental levels in the last few months. The publication cited data from the U.S. Department of Commerce that said consumers only spent 0.3 percent more money in October than they did during the previous month. As a result, casinos may need to come up with new ways to attract visitors in the meantime.

The Columbus Dispatch, a newspaper based in Columbus, Ohio, said the state's gambling industry experienced little change in revenue growth between October and November. However, many individual businesses reported small percentages in growth, which, while not ideal, still represents the relative strength of the industry. The local NPR affiliate WOSU said the flat revenue growth at casinos specifically doesn't account for the fact that other entertainment companies are also targeting customers with similar attractions, such as slot machines.

Managers in the gaming industry can enhance their competition by finding new ways to reduce overhead costs. Automated money and ticket counters offer opportunities for employees to save time performing exhaustive backroom financial processes. The ability to process tickets in addition to cash and checks can also come as an advantage to these organizations. Many casinos benefit from offering a vast array of events and attractions to get more people through the door. The right tools will prepare companies in the entertainment industry to perform essential tasks with relative ease. 

December 16, 2013