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Money and ticket counters needed as casinos expand

Money and ticket counters needed as casinos expand

Las Vegas has long been known as the casino capital of the U.S., but it looks like many in the gaming industry are hoping to expand their borders, showing the need for money and ticket counters.

Vegas Inc has reported spotlighted plans for new casinos in Boston, Baltimore, Sacramento and New York state among other places. No doubt these operations will be seeking ways to curb costs and improve efficiency at these locations, one area where money and ticket counters can be invaluable.

Speed in a small package
The JetScan iFX money and ticket counter provides casinos with 85 percent faster ticket imaging to help reduce processing time. It also processes currency 39 percent faster than other devices on the market. However, casinos don't have to sacrifice precious space to enjoy these benefits.

The multi-pocket model has a 64 percent smaller footprint than other equipment, putting it on par with a compact desktop model.

Boost productivity
Cummins Allison's money and ticket counters don't just improve efficiency through speed. The wealth of choices these devices offer - processing tickets, cash and checks all on one device - means scanning and counting can be completed effectively without the need for separate machines. This also allows casinos to cut down on the costs associated with procuring different devices.

The JetScan iFX money and ticket counter allows you to configure a 3-, 5-, 7- or 9-pocket countertop solution that reads and images tickets and cash at up to 1,200 documents per minute. You can also use barcode recognition to separate cash from tickets to receive a total count for both.

Whether located in Nevada, California, Maryland, New York or any place in between, it's clear that the right money and ticket counting machine can give casinos the edge they need.

September 29, 2014