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Money and ticket counters make focusing on customer service easier

Money and ticket counters make focusing on customer service easier

While some casinos struggle with waning profits, others are seeing revenue set new records, necessitating the need for quality money and ticket counters. One report from Gaming Today focused on how catering to certain customer segments can help casinos gain a competitive edge in the industry.

For example, one casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is attracting thousands of customers by catering specifically to Asian communities in New York City.

"They're doing some bang-up numbers in Bethlehem," Shawn McCloud, vice president of analysis for New Jersey-based Spectrum Gaming Group, told The Morning Call. "Their table games business just keeps growing. It's incredible. No one else is even close."

While focusing on specific market segments may not make sense for all casinos, concentrating on enhanced customer service for all consumers is a win-win regardless of the demographic. However, giving more attention to customer service can be difficult when businesses must spend inordinate amounts of time counting money and tickets. This is why an advanced money and ticket counter can help casinos focus more on their most valuable assets: players.

Less time counting, more time keeping customer satisfied
Ruth Ritchie, cage and vault director for Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino, told Cummins Allison why using the JetScan iFX money and ticket counter made sense.

"Part of the reason we brought the JetScan iFX machines to the property, other than their speed, enhanced counterfeit detection and accuracy, is the ability to do ticketing imaging," she said. 'We do a tremendous amount of tickets and cash and we'll be able to run both on the same machine in one pass."

The JetScan iFX device offers casinos 85 percent faster ticket imaging and 39 percent faster currency processing. This time saved can go toward employees concentrating more on keeping players happy and coming back for more.

November 3, 2014