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Money and ticket counters keep casino visitors happy

Cash and ticket counters can make visitor experiences more enjoyable.

Casinos and gaming halls need to offer high-quality experiences to their patrons if they want to succeed in the long term. The geographic isolation that benefited many casinos in the past has faded away as state regulations are relaxed and more competitors spring up, so there's more pressure to connect with visitors and anticipate their needs. When it comes to managing time at the cash desk, it's imperative that casinos work to reduce the average wait time of patrons. With money and ticket counters, casinos can keep time spent in line down and improve operational efficiency throughout their facilities as well.

Casino numbers slowly, steadily growing as economy recovers

The casino industry saw contraction following the Great Recession, just like nearly all industries involved in the global economy. However, the casino and gaming market has seen some steady growth since most of the effects of the recession were eliminated or mitigated in recent years. Reporting from research group Statista showed significant development in casinos from 2005 to 2013, even though the Great Recession caused a significant decline in growth during the middle years of the observed period. The industry realized growth of more than 11 percent during the nine-year period and 16 percent growth from the lowest point during the recession in 2009 through 2013. In terms of material gains, 70 casinos sprang up over the same period.

There's easily observable growth throughout the industry that will increase the total number of gaming facilities in coming years as well. Massachusetts may provide the highest-profile example, as that commonwealth has in recent years divided up its territory and established a bidding process for potential casino operators to propose facilities. Some of the facilities have already opened and are competing with long-established casinos in the region like Connecticut's Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun complexes.

With more options for potential visitors, it's essential that casinos both provide an engaging experience free of potential pain points and make their operations leaner to prepare for the realities of increased competition. Money and ticket counters increase efficiency by reducing the resources necessary for ticket, cash and check management. When these machines are used by cashiers and in the cage, the efficiency improvements are passed along to customers who are far more likely to have fast, positive experiences when cashing in their winnings or getting chips to start their evenings on the tables.

February 16, 2016