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Money and ticket counters increase efficiency in tourist-heavy casinos

Money and ticket counters provide a seamless experience for casino visitors by streamlining the redeeming process. The resulting satisfaction increases the casino's word-of-mouth marketing and attracts even more visitors, especially in a tourist-heavy environment. Casinos in locations like Las Vegas and gaming-friendly areas can benefit greatly from these machines, especially when there are other attractions that draw in visitors nearby. Rather than competing with these other establishments, casinos can count on them to bring more tourists, use local advertising and positive word of mouth to attract these out-of-towners, and then rely on their money and ticket counters to keep operations running smoothly.

Increasing efficiency with money and ticket counters

To see how these machines benefit gaming establishments, consider a recent proposal in Las Vegas. Casino executives in the city are pushing for legislation that would provide $750 in public funding toward establishing a proposed NFL stadium and convention center. The center and stadium, which would be the new home of the Oakland Raiders, would cost a total of $1.9 billion. The sports team offered $500 million of its own money, and Sheldon Adelson, CEO and chairman of Las Vegas Sands Corp., committed to providing an additional $650 million. Adelson and other executives believe the new stadium would boost Las Vegas' tourism industry.

"We've been offered a gift that takes us from 45 million visitors, to 55, to 65 million visitors," said Caesars Entertainment Executive Vice President and former Las Vegas mayor Jan Jones Blackhurst, according to ABC News.

It's likely these additional tourists will want to spend time in Las Vegas' numerous casinos. These gaming facilities must be prepared with exceptional customer service if they plan to capitalize on such an increase in attendance. Part of that service is getting things done in a timely, efficient manner and automating back-end processes so more staff members can interact with people on the floor. Both of these objectives can be accomplished with money and ticket counters. These machines drastically reduce the time and number of staff it takes to handle currency and tickets. One gaming establishment, Tachi Palace, upgraded its money and ticket counters and cut its currency-counting time in half.

Since only a handful of employees are needed to sort through tickets and provide customer earnings much more quickly, the rest are able to spend time interacting with people on the front end. If the stadium proposal goes through, these staff members will become critical to providing a great gaming experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

November 10, 2016