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Money and ticket counters help casinos win big

Money and ticket counters can help casinos across the United States win big with their guests. It's no secret that casinos and fun go hand-in-hand. The large spaces are an opportunity for adults to enjoy a night of fun and the potential of winning huge rewards. However, a majority of victories by visitors are under $500 per person. As such, money and ticket counters can help casinos give patrons the correct amount of winnings while speeding up processes for both staff and guests.

Money and ticket counters and cash rewards

According to The Wall Street Journal, 30 percent of all players at a casino will win money. While it is unlikely that these guests will hit a jackpot, those in the winning 30 percent will typically make back the full amount or slightly less than the total of what they paid to play during that visit. When patrons finish playing at slot machines, they will receive tickets representing their winnings. If players don't redeem them at a kiosk, these tickets then can be taken to the cashier to receive a payout. These cashiers will use money and ticket counters to accurately add up the amount each consumer receives. Some ticket counters can process up to 1,200 tickets per minute. This becomes useful when slot players go to multiple machines and receive small tickets at each. This is also useful during peak hours, when casino patrons will want their money quickly after waiting in line.

Money and ticket counters are important to casinos because of the potential for guests to win big. Across the United States, wins of over half a million dollars are not unheard of. According to the Sun Herald of Biloxi, Mississippi, a local casino regular was awarded $530,896.50 on March 18. The man had only played at the casino for 13 minutes when he won. Other winners of huge casino payouts include a win of $616,118 in Georgia during February and a win in Florida of $1,519,819 in October 2015. When guests happen to win, a casino must be ready to write a check or give a cash payout quickly. Money and ticket counters will prove useful when managing payouts and accounting.

Money and ticket counters can help staff members and casino guests enjoy their payout quickly and easily while speeding up processes and maintaining accurate records for casino managers.

April 28, 2016