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Money and ticket counters help casinos stay focused on key issues

Casinos have a lot on their plates, which is why money and ticket counters provide a welcome respite to at least one of the many complex tasks associated with running a profitable establishment.

In such a heavily regulated U.S. industry, managers inevitably need all hands on deck to make sure the ship runs smoothly. Any oversight can have significant consequences on long-term customer retention efforts and overall relations with governing bodies.

Penalties are especially steep for casinos that overlook the details related to rules and regulations in the industry. The Wall Street Journal recently reported a casino based in Nevada now faces a $1 million fine after the U.S. Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network alleged the casino got in the way of standard compliance procedures the organization conducts on a regular basis.

Aside from regulations to keep track of, casino managers have to balance those efforts with a constant eye on making sure customers are comfortable and happy on site. In a column for The Detroit Free Press, veteran gaming writer Mark Pilarski said casinos should prioritize the customer experience in any and all decisions they make. He added that even small issues can lead to long-term consequences if not handled properly. One dissatisfied customer can quickly spread the word.

Money and ticket counters allow managers to focus on the big picture

Staying in control of the customer experience requires a staff that has the time and energy to meet the demands of that central goal. Few managers can do that without the help of reliable technology.

In a fast-paced casino environment, adjustments to seemingly small back-office tasks can have major payoffs for staff members that have other administrative and customer-facing responsibilities. Taking a look at the cash counting process and replacing manual efforts with a more automated solution is an effective way to add time into employees' shifts.

Money and ticket counters optimize the ticket-in/ticket-out process at the cashier's desk. While the immediate result of a more accurate and time-efficient system is clear, casinos also benefit from the extra time employees have to focus on the other important aspects of keeping the entire establishment in check. Having to pay less attention to the small details allows managers to focus on more big-picture initiatives that are vital to the business's long-term success.

July 19, 2016