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Money and ticket counters help casinos diversify their strategies

Casinos thinking outside of the box to find ways to boost revenue and please customers shouldn't pass up on the opportunity to leverage money and ticket counters in the back office.

With such a high level of competition in the limited areas of the U.S. that allow gaming establishments, many casino owners are using past failures as an opportunity to rethink how they approach running their businesses. Industry website Vegas Inc. reported on the upcoming reopening of the once-bankrupt Revel casino and the unique plans it has to carve a niche in the Atlantic City gambling hotbed.

The most notable change in the strategy for the casino's new incarnation is a much smaller focus on gambling in general. According to Vegas Inc., the building will be home to adventurous amenities like a rope-climbing course and a zip-line structure. The business will also kick off with 1,600 hotel rooms, a lounge for playing "e-sports" and several cabanas along the beach just outside.

Diversifying entertainment options at casinos is an important step in achieving ambitious profit goals. Optimistic revenue forecasts for other major casinos, such as MGM Resorts International, indicate teamwork also plays an important role among staff members. In a separate article, Vegas Inc. reported the company anticipates $100 million more in annual adjusted earnings thanks to cost-cutting efforts and operational enhancements.

"We initially set an ambitious goal and are pleased that our employees are engaged and focused on permanently changing how we operate our business to maximize profitability through innovation and continuous improvement," Jim Murren, CEO of MGM Resorts, said in a press release.

TITO ticket readers ensure optimization on the gaming floor

With a wider variety of entertainment options available, staff members likely have to familiarize themselves with more services. That change puts a premium on efficiency, and money and ticket counters provide casinos with a simple, cost-effective way to keep the back-office task of scanning tickets and counting cash as quick and seamless as possible.

Even when gambling is only part of a casino's larger customer-service strategy, ensuring every piece of the puzzle is optimized with reliable technology is a must. With the right tools, employees will be ready to for any challenges that come their way, and casinos as a whole will be on a better path to long-term revenue increases.

September 2, 2016