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Money and ticket counters help casinos cut costs

Money and ticket counters help bring down costs for casinos.

In terms of cutting costs, casinos can definitely benefit from utilizing money and ticket counters. With customers coming to collect their winnings on a regular basis at the cash desk, multiple cage dealers are often necessary to keep operations running smoothly and patrons happy throughout. With such a high expectation of customer service, anything that can improve the efficiency of exchanging these prizes for money will help casinos save money on labor costs. TITO ticket readers do this by quickly and effectively reading out tickets and immediately dispensing the earnings. With these systems in play, there is less of a need to have as many dealers at the desk, which can result in some major cost savings over time.

Ticket counters can help casinos reform to reduce budgets

Casino reforms are on the rise, as it is becoming increasingly apparent in the state of Delaware. Recently, The News Journal reported that a panel serving the Lottery Gaming and Study Commission released a study regarding the state's three casinos. It recommended the state bail out the three casinos, providing them nearly $46 million in tax breaks and credits to stabilize them, while implementing changes to help casinos perform better.

Despite the competition from gambling halls in the greater Philadelphia region, casinos in Delaware provide a source of jobs, as well as a strong flow of tax revenue. For example, Dover Downs Casino, the largest in Delaware, employs more than 1,600 people and pays 42.3 percent in taxes to the state government. The reforms would eliminate the table game operating fee and a cut to the state's share of table gaming revenue. It would also call for an increase in the slot machine subsidy in the first year of implementation. In the second year, the state would provide a 5 percent tax credit that would go to marketing and capital expenses. The recommendation passed 5-4 in committee with a vote expected this legislative session.

Still, these changes come with the expectation that these casinos, which also include Delaware Park and Harrington Raceway, are expected to further cut down their operating budgets. The idea of using money and ticket counters can prove useful in this situation. Often, one of the most significant capital expenses comes from labor costs. It's possible to reduce the hours or the number of cage dealers needed if a property deploys these machines, since returning winnings to a customer is much faster than before. Not only that, but it can improve customer service, presenting a reputation the draws in more patrons.

July 16, 2015