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Money and ticket counters give casinos more time, better customer service

Money and ticket counters give casinos more time, better customer service

Online gambling has seen significant increases in revenue over recent years, but that doesn't mean the need for money and ticket counters at casinos has waned.

Data compiled by Statista shows that the size of the online gaming market was $7.4 billion during 2003. That number has risen to $39.5 billion in 2014, and is expected to reach $41.4 billion in 2015.

However, a separate report from Statista shows that there are well over 1,500 casinos in North America. In fact, gaming market revenue in Nevada alone reached $12,290 million during 2014, up from $11,652 million the previous year. This figure is expected to rise even higher in 2015, showing just how important quick, quality money and ticket counting remains for the gambling industry.

Improving profits, customer service
One of the key benefits of Cummins Allison's JetScan iFX money and ticket counters is that they can save casinos time, and therefore money. Faster, smaller and more efficient, this money and ticket counter features 85 percent faster ticket imaging and 39 percent faster currency processing, attributes that make it invaluable for everywhere from the count room and main bank to the cage and cashier kiosk.

However, casinos may not realize that this technology can also result in enhanced customer service.

Shannon Souza, vault manager at Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino, explained how the right money and ticket counter provided immediate results.

"It was taking more than eight to ten hours to count the currency we were receiving from soft count so we needed something that was faster and more effective,"  Souza said. "We ran a test and took our old equipment side-by-side with the new iFX machines and we noticed that our old machines were running at 600 notes per minute and our new machines were up to 1,600 notes per minute, so you could tell a great difference in that."

This helps make the job easier on employees. With reduced stress and more time to focus on customer service, it's a win-win for casinos, their workers and customers alike.

September 19, 2014