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Money and ticket counters enhance casino efficiency improvement efforts

Casinos have grown tremendously as a business category over the past few decades, aided in those expansion efforts by money and ticket counters. While casino gaming was once allowed in just a few locations throughout the U.S., there are now more states that allow some form of this activity than don't. Loosening of regulations and more acceptance of casinos means opportunities for gaming organizations to grow and expand, but it also leads to increased competition and more choices for visitors.

How can casinos effectively react to a more open but volatile market and increase operational efficiency? The answer lies in part with money and ticket counters.

Making the most of industry growth with money and ticket counters

According to research company Statista, there are more than 1,500 casinos of various forms across the U.S. While some have thousands upon thousands of square feet of gaming space and others are more compact establishments, they all have some form of local or regional competition. The rising number of options for casino guests is great news for them, as they can compare a number of variables - from table limits and the number of gaming machines on the floor to the presence of food and drink options and level of hospitality. Increased competition means casinos must pay more attention to all aspects of the guest experience and find ways to positively differentiate themselves and otherwise stand out from the pack.

Improvements large and small can take a variety of forms and depend on the tastes of clientele, the long-term goals of the casino and many other factors. Finding the resources to fund changes and enhance the experience for guests can be difficult. However, there's one modest investment that pays dividends in terms of freeing up employee time and labor for more visitor-facing interactions and more accurately managing the constant flow of money in and out of a casino's coffers.

Money and ticket counters take a task that requires significant inputs of attention, effort and time from staff and largely automates it while also guaranteeing a high level of accuracy in terms of counting both currency and tickets. With more employees available to engage with guests, fulfill various hospitality functions and improve the guest experience, and a reliable, automated system for counting money and tickets, casinos can better position themselves for success in an era of increased competition.

July 29, 2016