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Money and ticket counters enable growth potential for casinos

Money and ticket counters enable growth potential for casinos

With money and ticket counters, casinos have an opportunity to grow by improving efficiency in a key portion of operations. The cash desk remains a critical function in the gambling business, whether in full-fledged casinos, horse race tracks or slot-machine based businesses. If a gambling shop maintains a steady flow of consumers, customer satisfaction carries much more weight as a revenue driver. TITO ticket readers come at a time when the industry continues to fluctuate, with declines in one area greatly enhancing the ability to grow in other places, especially on a regional basis.

Currency counters useful in international and regional operations

One of the main drivers for growth in the international gambling industry in the last 10 years is the Asia Pacific region. Places such as traditional standby Macau and upstart Singapore have been driving growth with more casinos and potential customers. However, growth in the Chinese autonomous region has suddenly ground to a halt, according to Market Realist. Revenues in February 2015 have declined to 19.5 billion Macanese patacas, or US$2.4 billion. This was a little more than half the February 2014 high of more than 35 billion patacas. Considering that Macau derives a large amount of revenue from its gambling industry, the drop is significant.

The reasons for the decline in Macau vary. The Chinese government has been undergoing a major anti-corruption campaign, which may have pushed VIP or "whale" customers to avoid gambling for the time being. In addition, there has been increased scrutiny by government agents over certain activities, which has affected revenues.

Another factor is a change in the way casinos are operating. Instead of focusing on big spenders, major casino operators are looking to expand or build new casinos in the Cotai area of Macau that are targeting the newly-minted middle class from the mainland. Similarities can be found here in new state-based operations found in different parts of the U.S. As there is a growing demand for a more mainstream clientele, operations need to be more efficient in serving a greater number of them. Consider recently that casino operator Wynn, who is building new operations in Cotai, is also constructing a new casino in Boston suburb of Everett to attract a similar group of customers there, according to WHDH-TV. Money and ticket counters can help with this process by making the cash desk a fast operation that gives customers the money they've rightfully won. By creating a fast transition from winner to earner, customer satisfaction grows, creating a retinue of customers.

April 6, 2015