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Money and ticket counters could help affected riverboat casinos

Money and ticket counters help make riverboat casinos more efficient.

With riverboat casinos still relevant in different parts of the country, money and ticket counters can be a powerful tool in improving customer service and overall efficiency at critical points in operations. At the end of the day, gamblers will want to walk away from the experience feeling satisfied with the overall experience. The cash desk can be overwhelmed with customers at closing time when everyone is expected to go home. However, with TITO ticket readers, customers can get in and out quickly without having to wait. That improves customer service and greatly enhances the reputation of the riverboat casino without having to impact bottom-line revenue.

Riverboat casinos face changes, benefit from money counters

In Indiana, many casinos operate on the north bank of the Ohio River, just north of the Kentucky border, as riverboats. While the experience of gambling at these venues is unique, the structure greatly limits the amount of customers that flow in and out. Expanding means getting a larger boat, and there's a limit to what's possible in that respect. In the face of out-of-state competition from both Ohio and Illinois, casinos have to get clever.

Recently, the Indiana state government acknowledged this problem and offered a bill that would allow riverboat casinos to move onto the adjacent land where they dock. This would grant casinos the ability to expand with actual buildings located next to the boats, presenting them with a permanent fixture that is expandable and more accessible, especially during the offseason. House Bill 1540 would also make it possible for the state's two race track casinos, Hoosier Park and Indiana Grand, to offer live dealers for its table games, according to the Indy Star. The bill is slowly moving its way through the legislature, with issues rising around measures that would deprive communities hosting these casinos of a share of the revenue.

While such bills continue to be mulled, riverboat casinos should look to bolster their reputations, and money and ticket counters can help. Gamblers are increasingly valuing customer service, especially considering there are so many casinos to choose from. To edge out the local and regional competition, these halls should do all they can to deliver an experience that is seamless and expedient from entry to exit, and an efficient cash desk can do just that.

June 30, 2015