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Money and ticket counters can reduce casino expansion costs

Money and ticket counters can reduce casino expansion costs

Companies in the gaming industry depend on money and ticket counters for a fast, efficient and scalable solution to keep the business moving smoothly. This type of resource is even more important when a casino decides to expand its operations.

Multimillion dollar expansion puts pressure on casino operators
Alabama-based Creek Casino Montgomery recently announced through the Poarch Creek Indian Gaming Authority that it would implement a $65-million upgrade of its existing facilities, reported WSFA, the local CBS affiliate. The casino is composed of several portions, and the first section that will undergo changes will be its restaurants.

However, one of the most significant changes will happen in the gaming space. The Associated Press explained there will be a brand new casino floor dedicated to housing more than 2,100 electronic games, including bingo. There are also plans for a non-smoking game room. Currently, the casino operates with the help of more than 400 workers, but the expansion will require an additional 100 employees at least.

Money and ticket counters improve efficiency
Even with an addition to the casino's workforce, money and ticket counters serve an even greater purpose when a facility undergoes an expansion. A larger space will afford a greater number of gamers, which ultimately results in a higher volume of tickets and currency.

Cummins Allison provides a diverse family of ticket and money counters with a single purpose of driving efficiency. The JetScan iFX has a 64 percent smaller footprint on multipocket models, saving almost as much space as a desktop model. Casinos can also benefit from 85 percent faster ticket imaging, which significantly reduces processing times. Ultimately, one of the greatest advantages is that the enterprise can consolidate machinery, combining multiple functions into one device. This saves casinos from added expenses from purchasing numerous kinds of equipment.

October 24, 2014