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Money and ticket counters can help casinos avoid long wait times

Money and ticket counters can help casinos avoid long wait times

If there's one thing most people can agree on, it's that they don't like to wait - an issue money and ticket counters can solve at casinos.

One national survey from Great Clips found that 76 percent of respondents believe waiting any longer than five to 10 minutes at a retail business is unreasonable. Sixty-three percent said a business that makes them wait fifteen minutes or longer shows bad customer service and a lack of respect, while 52 percent said they will take their business elsewhere. Forty-eight percent said it makes them assume a business is not well run and badly managed.

When asked what the biggest frustration at a retail business is, being forced to wait came in second. As far as the most annoying time-waster, waiting in line came in second as well.

While this survey was focused on retail businesses, the same lessons can be applied to casinos. In an industry that features fierce competition for attracting customers, casinos must constantly be looking for ways to improve consumer satisfaction.

"I would argue that guest satisfaction for the mass-market customer is delivering as few hassles as possible," Jim Kilby, a professor in hotel management at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, told the National Business Research Institute. "When dealing with casino players, as opposed to a hotel customer, guest service gets them to continue buying. I see guest service in a casino as more guest sales. The nicer we treat you, the more you buy."

One way for casinos to focus more on guest services is to ensure wait times are reduced and employees have more time to focus on customer needs. Both of these objectives can be reached with help from the right money and ticket counters.

Whether used in the count room, the main bank or the cage, the JetScan iFX is able to handle large volumes of cash, tickets and checks effectively and efficiently. This device features 85 percent faster ticket imaging and 39 percent faster currency processing, helping casinos save on time and manpower. In turn, this allows casino workers to devote more of their working hours to assisting guests and preventing issues like long wait times.

September 23, 2014